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The dentistry cabinet offers lower fees to the following services:

Contracts for senior patients*

The Fidelity Contract
The Fidelity Contract
The Family Contract
The Family Contract

Also the dentistry consulting room grants advantageous contracts for legal entities.

The dentistry cabinet puts at the legal entities disposal three types of contracts of medical services ("Basis", "Extended" and "Full"). Each contract type contains a package of free dentistry services and a certain discount percentage of the basis fees.

The contracts offer dentistry services at advantageous fees both for the employer (the value of the contract for each employee per month) and for employees (the low level of standard fees), as patients of the dentistry cabinet.

The legal entities interested by dentistry services can request bids by fill in the bellow contact form:

* the individual persons which are into the evidences of the cabinet for at least 5 years, period within they have been at least once per year at the treatment or to the consultation.

Contact form
Contact form
Contact form*
* all fields are mandatory
this form is addressed to companies which wish to conclude medical services contracts, as well as to loyal patients that wish to conclude such contracts. For appointments visit the page "Appointments" and for opinion and suggestions use the opinion form from the page "Feedback". Any promotional message will be automaticaly erased.
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