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Dentistry services - periodontology and O.M.F minor surgical intervention

List of services and fees*

Scaling and anti-infective treatment on dental arch38
Emergency treatment of dental abscess20
Periodontal abscess treatment12
Acute pericoronitis treatment14
Immediate treatment of the palatal and vestibular abscess20
Treatment in salivary lithiasis91
Simple extraction of a tooth with one root14
Simple extraction of a two rooted tooth16
Simple extraction of a multi rooted tooth30
Extraction of the deciduous teeth10
Extraction of a ectopic tooth57
Extraction of a tooth to patients with haemorrhagic diseases46
Extraction of an semi included tooth100
Root amputation100
Apicectomy and root canal filling100
Periapical curettage on tooth12
suture of the wound12
Control after extraction7
Treatment in localized alveolar osteitis (anaesthesia, curettage, irrigating with serum, application of antibiotic into alveolus and the stitch of the wound)23

*In this period the dentistry consulting room offers to its patients some services at a lower fee. For more information please visit the "Promotions" page.
The consulting room reserves itself the right to modify fees according to inflation index. The last update of the fees: May 23rd, 2018.

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