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Dentistry services - prosthodontia

List of services and fees*

RCR (pivot)33
Cementing RCR with zinc phosphate cement5
Temporary cementation of a crown2
Permanent filling of a crown with zinc phosphate cement5
Permanent refilling of a crown with zinc phosphate cement7
Ablation of a Crown 9
Ablation of a RCR23
Acrylic crown performed in consulting room22
Acrylic crown performed in laboratory33
Metal crown Cr-Ni34
Semi-esthetical crown of acrylic46
Semi-esthetical crown of composite61
Total esthetical crown of composite71
Semi-esthetical crown of ceramics81
Total esthetical crown of ceramics103
Restoration of an acrylic facing into consulting room22
Restoration of a composite facing into consulting room33
Total denture222
Partial denture173
Simple skeletal denture273
Rebasing of a denture45
Restoration of a fissured denture43
Replacing of a tooth or a clasp33
Adaptation of a denture into consulting room12
Crown of ceramics on zirconiun capes273
Crown cementing with glassionomer 7
Crown cementing with dual composite 11
Anchoring special system68

*In this period the dentistry consulting room offers to its patients some services at a lower fee. For more information please visit the "Promotions" page.
The consulting room reserves itself the right to modify fees according to inflation index. The last update of the fees: May 23rd, 2018.

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