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Dentistry, frequent issues - Chronic microbial gingivitis

Chronic gingivitis - description*

Photo chronic gingivitis

Microbial gingivitis is a inflammation of the gum tissue around one or more teeth. It appears due to the bacterial plaque from the gums sulcus as result of the absence of a proper brushing. The gums sulcus surrounds the teeth and has a depth between 1 ans 3 mm.

Premature symptoms (clinical sign) of the gingivitis is the bleeding the gums both at mastication (feeding) and at tooth brushing. If on this stage does not begin a proper sanitation, the inflammatory processes will lead to the hypertrophy and hyperplasia of the gum, characterized by increasing of interdental papillae or of the free gum edge. Could appear even a unpleasant smell of the mouth (bad breath) due to releasing from bacterial plaque level, of some metabolic products (hydrogen sulphide). In this stage is necessary a dentistry treatment into a consulting room.

Microbes from oral cavity are mesophyll heterotrophic bacteria, characterized by a development to a temperature between 20 and 40 C. degrees by the oxidation of the organic substrates (feeding) present into oral cavity. Their presence is normal to this stage and constitutes oral saprophytic flora. But their number is too big, a drop of saliva containing about 100.000.000 bacteria. Their classification is varied and grants important information related to the shape, pathogenicity, virulence etc.

By mobility, the bacteria are divided into mobile and immobile.

By form are divided into:

By pathogenic are divided into saprophytic and pathogenic. Pathogenicity is the capacity of microbes to produce an infection into an organism, exceeding its immune defense mechanism. But in some conditions as lack of oral hygiene, avitaminose etc, the saprophytic bacteria may become pathogenic.

By virulence are divided into non virulent bacteria, bacteria with small virulence and bacteria with big virulence. The virulence is the quantitative notion which assesses the bacteria number from the same species, able to cause an infection in body.

By cellular breath, the prokaryotes, are divided into aerobic and anaerobic.

By Gram stain are divided into G(-) bacteria and G(+) bacteria.

Having in view all above mentioned, as well as appearance in time of the dental scale which will prevent the returning to a proper and voluntary, requires a complex treatment into the dentistry consulting room.

Chronic gingivitis - dentistry treatment and advices for patients

Photo post-treatment
Cured gums

The treatment is performed into the dentistry consulting room into 3-4 sessions.

The dentistry treatment consist in:
Advices for patients:

After ending of treatment, the patient have to continue by himself performing of oral hygiene. Also is necessary returning at a dentistry consulting room two times on year for a medical consultation.

* - the present article has an informative role and does not address the subject comprehensively.

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