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Dentistry photos galery - dental bridges - prosthodontia

Case no.1 - Dental bridges
Photo 1.1
Dental models
Photo 1.2
Front view
Photo 1.3
Side view
Photo 1.4
Side view
Case no.2 - Dental bridges
Photo 2.1
Dental models
Photo 2.2
Temporary bridge
Phot 2.3
Prosthetic abutments
Photo 2.4
Ceramic bridge
Case no.3 - Dental bridges
Photo 3.1
Root debris
Photo 3.2
Cementing RCRs
Photo 3.3
Dental model
Photo 3.4
Ceramics crowns
Case no.4 - Dental bridges
Photo 4.1
Prosthetic abutments
Photo 4.2
Photo 4.3
Bridge in final stage
Photo 4.4
Cementation of the bridge
Case no.5 - Dental bridges
Photo 5.1
Old bridges
Photo 5.2
Ceramics crowns
Photo 5.3
Cementing of crowns
Photo 5.4
Final aspect
Case no.6 - Dental bridges
Photo 6.1
Old dental bridges
Photo 6.2
Prosthetic abutments
Photo 6.3
Ceramic bridge
Photo 6.4
The new ceramics crowns
Case no.7 - Dental bridges
Photo 7.1
Dental diastemas
Photo 7.2
Prosthetic abutments
Photo 7.3
Crowns of ceramics
Photo 7.4
Cementation of the crowns
Case no.8 - Dental bridges
Photo 8.1
Acrylate old bridge
Photo 8.2
Prosthetic abutments
Photo 8.3
New ceramics bridges
Photo 8.4
New ceramics bridges
Case no.9 - Dental bridges
Photo 9.1
Old prostheses and bridges
Photo 9.2
Abutments prosthetic
Photo 9.3
New ceramics bridges
Photo 9.4
FInal prosthesis
Case no.10 - Dental bridges
Photo 10.1
Prosthetic abutments
Photo 10.2
Zirconium capes
Photo 10.3
New ceramics crowns
Photo 10.4
Frontal view of new crowns
Case no.11 - Dental bridges
Photo 11.1
Bridge metal frame
Photo 11.2
Dental arches in occlusion
Photo 11.3
Acrylic semi-phys. bridges
Photo 11.4
Dental arches in occlusion
Case no.12 - Dental bridges
Photo 12.1
Dental abutments
Photo 12.2
Dental bridge and skeletal prosthesis
Photo 12.3
Dental bridge
Photo 12.4
Dental works in occlusion
Case no.13 - Dental bridges
Photo 13.1
Old bridge and prosthetic abutments
Photo 13.2
Old bridge and ceramic bridge (new one)
Photo 13.3
Prosthetic abutments and ceramic bridge
Photo 13.4
Ceramic bridges (new bridges)
Case no.14 - Dental bridges
Photo 14.1
Old dental bridges
Photo 14.2
Prosthetic abutments
Photo 14.3
Checking the metal skeleton of the dental bridge
Photo 14.4
The ceramic bridge and the new dentures
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