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Dentistry photos gallery - oral implantology

Case no.1 Implantology
Photo 1.1
Mounting of gingival healing abutments
Photo 1.2
The special system of retention on pattern
Photo 1.3
The special retention system
Photo 1.4
The special retention system of denture
Photo 1.5
Dolder bar mounted on implants
Photo 1.6
Applying the denture in mouth
Photo 1.7
Aspectul final al lucrarilor The final aspect of the works
Case no.2 Implantology
Photo 2.1
Mounting the abutments of gingival healing
Photo 2.2
The metal skeleton
Photo 2.3
The checking of the metal skeleton
Photo 2.4
The ceramic bridge on the pattern
Photo 2.5
The ceramic bridge on the pattern
Photo 2.6
Mounting the ceramic bridge on the implants
Photo 2.6
The ceramic bridge in occlusion
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