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C.M.I. dr. Draghescu Cornel - Individual medical cabinet of dentistry

Photo CMI dr. Draghescu Cornel

C.M.I. dr. Draghescu Cornel performs dentistry emergency services, minor surgery and oral implants, dental therapy services, whitening treatments and prostheses (total and partial dentures; skeletal prostheses; dental bridges of porcelain and zirconia; dental bridges and prostheses on oral implants). The dentistry consulting room uses the PRF and PRP technique.

The experience and continuous professional training for 19 years, have led permanently to achieving of high quality dentistry services. That is why we will not make any compromise regarding to the report of quality, price..

The address of C.M.I. dr. Draghescu Cornel is: Sos. Stefan cel Mare nr. 35, Bl.31, sc.2, ap.39.

In the area you can reach with the following transportation means:
  • the buses 330 and 335;
  • the underground until the "Obor" station;
  • the trams 1, 21 and 46;
  • the trolleybus 66.

Contact information


  • ☏ +40 21 2124958;
  • 📱 +40 75 8591698.

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