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List of services and fees*

Cementing RCR 9
Ablation of a Crown 5
Ablation of a RCR20
Acrylic crown performed in consulting room20
Acrylic crown performed in laboratory40
Adaptation of a denture into consulting room12
Anchoring special system68
Crown cementing with dual composite 11
Crown cementing with glassionomer 7
Crown of ceramics on zirconiun capes273
Fully elastic denture289
Metal crown Cr-Ni40
Partial denture173
Partial elastic denture245
Permanent cimentation of a crown from another cabinet10
Permanent filling of a crown5
RCR (pivot)50
Rebasing of a denture45
Replacing of a tooth or a clasp33
Restoration of a composite facing into consulting room33
Restoration of a fissured denture43
Restoration of an acrylic facing into consulting room22
Semi-aesthetical crown of ceramics on metallic support110
Semi-aesthetical crown of composite on metallic support100
Simple skeletal denture273
Temporary cementation of a crown4
Total aesthetical crown of acrylic on metallic support60
Total aesthetical crown of ceramics on metallic support120
Total aesthetical crown of composite on metallic support100
Total denture222
Treatment plan12
Zirconium aesthetic crown223

* In this period the dentistry consulting room offers to its patients some services at a lower fee. For more information please visit the "Bids" page.
The consulting room reserves itself the right to modify fees according to inflation index. The last update of the fees: January 28th, 2020.

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