CMI dr Draghescu Cornel
The good dentistry treatment starts with a careful consultation

Dr. Cornel Draghescu - Dentistry, implantology and dental prostheses

21 years of dentistry and 10 years in implantology.

    We provide:
  • consultations;
  • emergency treatments(vital evultions, abscesses incisions, wisdom tooth extractions etc);
  • odontological treatments(root treatments, coronary fillings);
  • dental aesthetic treatments(professional brushing, teeth whitening, dental crystalline applications, gingival depigmentation);
  • periodontal treatments(scaling, gingival curettage, periodontitis restoration inervants using PRP and PRF technique);
  • prosthetic treatments(dental crowns and dental bridges of zirconium and ceramics, simple prostheses and skeletal, dental bridges and prostheses on dental implants);
  • oral implantology;
  • apical resections and granulectomies.

Dentistry gallery

The address of C.M.I. Dr. Draghescu Cornel is: Sos. Stefan cel Mare nr. 35, Bl.31, sc.2, ap.39.

You can take the following transportation means:
  • the buses 330 and 335;
  • the underground until the "Obor" station;
  • the trams 1, 10, 21 and 46;
  • the trolleybus 66.

contact information


  • ☏ +40 21 2124958;
  • 📱 +40 73 1668457.

Working schedule of dental consulting room

Monday - Friday*: 13:00-21:00;

Saturday**: just for appointments performed within the week.

Sunday**: by request with appointment with at least two days before.

For appointments please call at:

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